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March Blizzard 2016

March 26, 2016 Announcements  0

We are still getting people out. It can take days sometimes to get to people. location, road conditions, customer health status all play a factor. Most people we dealt with were happy but some were not and I think just did not have good information about how we get to them and how much work goes into clearing the roads. It is like triaging at a hospital or mass event. We first take all law enforcement calls for assistance and vehicles blocking roads and impeding plows and emergency response. Next we move on to stranded motorists in areas that have been somewhat plowed and areas we can get to. Then as roads get plowed and start opening up we start trying to get to people at their houses and finally we are able to start taking cars to shops and garages. It is very dangerous to haul a vehicle behind our trucks during such weather and so sometimes the best we can do is move it to the side of the road and get people to a safe location. It is a process and much like a mass casualty incident the goal is to help the people that can be immediately helped and help the most people in the fastest manner we can. We also have to be aware of our equipment. If we get a truck stuck or slide off the hill, that is one less truck to get the job done and this puts us further behind in helping people. The reason we give 1 to 4 and sometimes 6 hours eta’s during such an event is because we can easily be diverted while trying to get to one person and sent to a more pressing emergency.

Since Saturday the 19th this is the first day we could start towing down the hill and begin to get into the remote distant areas. We were still pulling people out of ditches all day today and I anticipate tomorrow too. I want everyone to know that they are all important and each persons needs are especially pressing especially to them and we understand this. Thanks Evergreen for your patience during the storm.

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